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CHITOWN TUTORING - Private Tutoring Services Chicago

Chicago Test Prep & Tutoring is one of the leading tutoring services in Chicago and provides students aspiring for a higher scores in their school or competitive exams like ACT, SAT or GMAT with intuitive and innovative coaching.

Our course curriculum are specially designed by some of the brilliant minds in the industry who had been working in the industry for many years. Our Chicago tutoring course material is highly acknowledged by leading experts in the industry.
We Come With A High Reputation Of Having Some Of The Best-In-Class, Highly Experienced, Qualified And Certified Instructors.
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Test Preparation

ACT Preparation

Chicago Test Prep & Tutoring provides students aspiring for a high score in their ACT tests with innovative and creative prep course to succeed with top scores. Our act Chicago courses are categorized into different sections including private, group, custom-group and other prep classes to provide the highest degree of confidence among the students. Read more

SAT Preparation

Chicago Test Prep & Tutoring provides students aiming for an higher SAT scores with an personalized and guided prep courses to help them succeed with top scores. All our courses are designed keeping in mind the SAT exam structures and helps you get prepared for the exam right from day one. The syllabus is entirely student centric and individualized pacing to make sure each and every individual gets personal attention. Read more

AP Preparation

AP scores can help a great deal in getting your college admissions and scholarships. If you enroll with our AP test tutor Chicago course, then we can guarantee you that you will certainly one of the few top scoring students and gain college admissions easily. Read more

GMAT Preparation

At GMAT private tutoring Chicago classes, you will be interacting only with a set of instructors who themselves have high GMAT scores and have a huge passion for teaching. And you can also see that our instructors are consistently getting huge ratings from every batch of students for their dedication and hard work shown towards molding each and every student. Read more

GRE Preparation

Every student aspiring to get into a graduate school comes with different sets of skills and abilities. And the major problem across many GRE prep classes in gre Chicago is that most of these center ignore the unique learning needs of each and every individual and come out with a uniform teaching methodology for all students. This kind of teaching is proven to be very ineffective, because not all lessons are easy or all are tough. Read more

GED Preparation

Millions of people have passed the GED test and gone on to college and better jobs. You can be one of them. And we'll help you every step of the way.
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Math Tutoring

Arithmetic Tutoring

Is your son or daughter having trouble manipulating numbers? You can leave all your worries away when you choose Arithmetic tutoring services Chicago for your kid as we provide effective teaching for students of all grades. Extensive preparation is our soul motto which makes your kids to attain higher marks in their exams. Read more

Geometry Tutoring

Whether you are looking to improve your academic geometry skills, preparing for a placement test or planning to face the ACT, SAT or GRE exams, the a Geometry tutor Chicago course may play an important role in helping you excel in all kinds exams and with top scores. You can overcome all your weaknesses in the subject with the help of our customized coaching curriculum that is exclusively designed keeping in mind the requirements of students. Read more

Pre-Algebra Tutoring

Mathematics is indeed a very fascinating and interesting subject and is also a much-needed skill required for your day to day activities. With the advent of calculators and computers, students think that Maths is simple and don't need to understand it deeply. But Maths can be pretty much exciting when you understand the basic principles. Read more

Algebra I & II Tutoring

Our team of skilled Algebra test prep Chicago tutors are highly experienced and well versed in the subject and come with exceptional teaching skills. We have tutored many students who found Algebra a bit difficult even when they can cope with other sections in Mathematics. Our customized teaching methods will help you solidify your basic foundation in Algebra and gain confidence in solving all Algebraic equations easily and quickly. Read more

Trigonometry Tutoring

If you are son or daughter is having difficulties with their trigonometry subject, then it is better to enroll them in a Trigonometry tutor Chicago course. And if you are looking for the best tutors, private tutoring Chicago is a well-established and highly renowned service that provides your kids with high level teaching through skilled and highly experienced instructors. Read more

Pre-Calculus Tutoring

Calculus is basically a complex and difficult course to master and that is the reason most of the high-school encourage their students to learn pre-calculus as it helps them to learn the basic foundation of calculus. Learning pre-calculus helps your kids to gain the knowledge and confidence required when they move into higher course that delve into complex calculus equations. Read more

Calculus I, II, and III Tutoring

Calculus is basically the mathematical study of change in a similar way geometry is about shapes and sizes. And mathematics is a subject that is largely integrated with our real life and the one of the important branches in Mathematics is Calculus. It can be broadly classified into differential and integral calculus. Even though some find it difficult to understand the basic concept of calculus at first, you need to understand that it does comes with a lot of practical uses. Read more

Science Tutoring

Physics Tutoring

Join the Physics course at Physics tutor Chicago center and get your score high marks on your next Physics exam. Even people looking to score high on SAT subject tests can join our SAT Physics test prep Chicago course and get them well-prepared for the test. Physics is basically a part of science that deals with matter and energy, their nature and properties. The major portions covered in physics include mechanics, heat, light, sound, structure of atoms and so on. It is also considered to be a fundamental scientific discipline and finds a lot of use in our daily life. Read more

Chemistry Tutoring

Many students find chemistry to be challenging when compared with other subjects as it involves the students a lot of chemical equations, difficult vocabulary, applying of mathematical knowledge and so on. But once you dig deeper, Chemistry can be very exciting and engaging. But you need to the right tutor to take you through that path that makes you understand that the subject of Chemistry is in fact interesting. Read more

Environmental Science Tutoring

Our Chicago test prep & tutoring come with extensive experience teaching environmental science in prestigious universities across the world so that they know each and every portion of the subject. Read more
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WHY CHICAGO TEST PREP & TUTORING? The benefits of our academic program includes the following:
  • Help high school and university students eliminate academic stress and build confidence, resulting in skyrocketed grades and test scores.
  • Help students ensure college & scholarship success through skyrocketed SAT & ACT test scores.
  • Help college graduates better their lifestyle and create work fulfillment through skyrocketed GRE and GMAT scores.
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  • Helping students learn by understanding
  • Inculcating confidence in each and every subject taught
  • Emphasizing the importance of learning
  • Individualized attention and personal care
  • Highly Qualified and experienced instructors
  • Periodic mock tests
  • Regular progress reports provided to parents on their strengths and weaknesses
  • Building confidence among the students to alleviate exam fear
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