Chitown Tutoring’s Educational Initiatives

The Unmet Need

  • Many local high schools are not preparing students adequately for college coursework.
  • Many students enter college and are placed below the college level, particularly in mathematics and science.
  • Many students do not know how to successfully navigate the college application process.
  • Students entering college do not have enough financial, academic, or professional support to either finish college or maximize their time in college.

How Does Chitown Tutoring Address The Unmet Need?

Apart from our individual academic and test prep tutoring services, our team offers the following specialized programs – each one available at the middle and high school level:

  • Supplemental Accelerated Math Program (SAMP): SAMP is an educational initiative geared towards middle-school students that strengthens the foundational quantitative skills to proficient levels to perform better in class, improve standardized test scores, and eventually matriculate into high-performing high schools. You can learn more about the program here.
  • Academic Collegiate Success Program (ACSP): ACSP takes a holistic approach to prepare students for college and beyond. It offers a step-by-step plan and personalized training to help them meet the academic qualifications and secure enough money to attend and finish university. You can read more about this program here.