Math and Science Curricula

Chitown Tutoring’s math and science curricula are up-to-date and aligned with common-core and AP College Board standards. Each of the courses contains the following:

Methods of Assessment: Exams, quizzes, homework and other assessments will be used as appropriate to measure student learning.

Methods of Instruction: Problem-based activities, collaborative-learning techniques, and lecture will be used as appropriate.

Please click on the subject titles below to see a detailed list of the courses that are covered and an accompanying description.


1. Arithmetic
2. Introductory Algebra
3. Intermediate Algebra
4. College Algebra
5. Precalculus + Trigonometry
6. Calculus I
7. Calculus II
8. Calculus III


1. Physics (See AP Physics 1)
2. Chemistry (coming soon)
3. Environmental Science (coming soon)


1. Calculus AB and BC
2. Physics 1 / Physics C
3. Biology
4. Chemistry (coming soon)
5. Environmental Science (coming soon)
6. Microeconomics (coming soon)
7. Macroeconomics (coming soon)