How Can I Get A Good Score On The ACT?

how can i get a good score on the act

Doing well in the ACT test will help you in getting into a great school for which you have to score 26 or higher. For a regional public university, a range around 18 is more than adequate. Also, a good score helps in securing a scholarship to help pay for the college.

But for some students, even a score of 29, which is above the national average, will not be sufficient to clear the requirement of ivy league schools. Now let’s look into some strategies that will help you get good marks in the ACT.

The first step is to go through all the study materials to understand the pattern of questions. To excel in the ACT test, you should procure high-quality practice materials so that you can study and practice. You should learn to read and write quickly, so that you have an edge over other students.

Make a schedule and stick to it until the exams are over. ACT tests require dedication and effort, so if you do not prepare well from the start, then you won’t be able to ace it. The ACT has four sections with the optional fifth section of writing. While preparing, check which sections are your weak areas, so that you can devote more time to those and increase your overall score.

Next, take as many practice tests you can. Analyze your scores at the end and try to figure out where you need to study more. Every mistake can cost you dearly so make sure you understand the reason for the mistakes. Unless you understand the reasons, you will keep repeating the mistakes over and over again.

This will improve your scores in a short period of time. But make sure, that you do not neglect your strengths as well. Make sure your practice tests are timed like the real test so that you get accustomed to it. Never spend too much time on any one question.

If you can’t figure out the answer, move on to the next question. This strategy helps in time management and also increases your confidence. If you practice enough, you will have enough spare time at the end of each section to re-check your answers. So, it is advisable that you double check the answer choices, to make sure that you have selected the best possible answer choice.

During practice and the main test, make sure that you read each question carefully. Silly mistakes should be avoided at all cost. Make sure that you have prepared from all topics so that you do not miss out on any question.

In some cases, the question will be such that if you miss one point, you will get a wrong answer which will be there in the options. In the ACT, there is no penalty for incorrect answers. So, you can make educated guesses and mark one answer.