How Long Does It Take For GMAT Scores To Be Delivered To Schools?

The Graduate Management Admission Test, generally known as the GMAT, is a (CBT) computer-based exam used to find one’s skills important to the study of management.

Schools with graduate management programs use these potential GMAT scores to take admission decisions. As a whole, GMAT scores are used to gain admissions to graduate-level business programs at the popular business schools worldwide, with the count of such schools crossing up-to 6000 graduate management course offering institutions. GMAT scores are valid for five years and are available for reporting for ten years.

The day of the exam

On the day of the exam, but obviously before you actually begin, you can choose up to five GMAT accepting programs to receive your Score Report. If you do not select any GMAT programs to receive your scores on the day of your exam, or if you would like to send your scores to more than the five programs you selected on your test day, you may order Additional Reports to be sent to schools online, by phone, by fax, or by mail. When you order an Additional Score Report to be sent to a school, you will also receive a copy.

What you need to know about GMAT?

As a GMAT test candidate, it is vital to know when you’ll will get your GMAT scores so that you can strategize for when you’ll need to enroll for the test and for it appear to get scores sent in time for the deadlines of the schools.

Can you cancel the score?

After you check your unofficial score, you can also cancel the GMAT Score, if you are not happy with it. If you decide to keep the scores, you can send them to the schools which you chose during your registration of the GMAT. If you do not cancel your score immediately, you can cancel it within 72 hours of the exam, for a fee of $25.

If you’re unhappy with your scores or decide to cancel them, you have to wait at least sixteen days to attempt GMAT again. However, it is likely there is a need for more time to study if an improvement in your score is to be seen, so seriously consider whether you have time to fit in a test retake before your application deadline.

As per the candidate’s choices, your score report gets sent to schools, by mail, within 20 days after you take the test, according to which way is preferred by the organization, in most cases. If you order score reports to be sent to schools after you take the GMAT test, those reports are sent out within seven days of your order.

Score reports, which include copies of essays and a digital photograph, if a designated graduate management program has elected to receive them, are released only at your specific request—either when you take the test or when you request, unless a law-related term interferes in between.