How Much Do SAT Prep Courses Cost In Chicago?

SAT Prep Course

When you are looking for SAT courses and tutoring it is best to keep a stick budget all the way. So when you plan a budget, you should also make sure that you are able to get the best possible tutoring in the given budget. It is important to not settle with a specified hourly rate which is affordable to you. Try to keep a range in the budget which will allow you to be more flexible. Based on the prep courses available the most common rates are comprised in the below list.

The rates of some courses might vary depending on the location. There are also online prep courses which will have the same rates no matter from which place you take the course from.

– The Minimum Category ($30-50 per hour)

In case you are looking for a course which gives an in-depth explanation of the answers compared to the answer key then this category will be the best choice. If on the other hand, you need explanations on the strategies of approaching the SAT questions or need to have the clarifications done on some issue in the course, then this will not be the best choice for you.

– The Medium Category ($50 – 150 per hour)

When you look for a tutor who should have all the ‘must have’ qualifications then this is the one to go for. In case you look for assistance in planning your study time apart from the tutoring sessions, then that can be availed in this given rate. For this price range, the student can have the benefit of getting a comprehensive study plan too. For all the troubles relating to the SAT time management, the prep courses and tutors in this category will be able to help.

– The Higher Category ($150 per hour or more)

For this price range, the student can get a tutor who comes with extensive tutoring experience. They will have a brand for themselves and can demand more money if the tutoring is a home-based for wealthy families. Most of the tutors in this category will be of high quality. If you are looking for a tutor in this range then you should be cautious as the price will increase based on the competition of the wealthy families around. It might not always mean that the tutors will deserve such a high price.

While there are all kinds of price ranges when it comes to the SAT prep courses, it is safe to say that the quality of the tutoring received will be based on the fees paid. So if you are looking for a prep course which is full-fledged and a highly qualified tutor then make sure you are ready to pay accordingly. Looking for a tutor with the hourly rate in mind might be a good way to search. However, since it might filter a lot of options, there is nothing wrong with going a little flexible with the budget in case you are not finding the right option.


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