How Much Does ACT Tutoring Cost In Chicago?

ACT Tutoring

When you are looking for getting a tutor for ACT coaching, one of the most important things that are going to haunt you is the tutoring cost. Some people would have already set aside a budget for tutoring and many others would have no idea as to how much money the tutoring is going to cost or how much to spend on tutoring. When planning for the ACT test preparation, always consider asking yourself as to how much you can pay for the tutoring. This is because in the end, you have to be confident about the money you are spending and that it is a wise decision.

Group session ($20 to $100):

In this case, the choices like paying $30 per hour for a high school senior who got lucky and scored 1400 but does not have a tutoring experience is not a good option. But it does not always mean that the expensive tutors are not worth it. There are all kinds of ACT prep coaching available right from $20 for an hour to even $100 for an hour. So it is you who should decide as to how much you are ready to pay. Now the question comes whether it is worth spending this much money for tutoring? For this, you should know what exactly is the ACT tutoring.

One to One session ($100 and above):

There are the one to one sessions in the ACT tutoring and there is also the group tutoring classes. When you decide to go with a one to one session with a tutor the student gets to have all the undivided attention from the tutor. This means that the tutor will be focused on the single student for the entire hour. This will allow the student to ask the tutor to work on specific needs of the student. This is not possible with the group classes as the time will have to be split for all the members of the class. But if you are okay with the group classes where the concentration is given on the course topics, then that will be a good option too.

Target Score and Tutoring Cost:

For deciding the budget for the ACT tutoring, you should first decide as to how much the tutoring is going to affect your future or how important it is for the future. The target score you have set for yourself and the improvement you have to do in order to get the target score will all come into account here. To get into standard colleges the score will have to be accordingly higher. So the importance of getting into these elite colleges will have to be considered. Sometimes extending your budget for tutoring will make sense. This is because if you manage to get a good score in ACT you can apply for scholarships in these colleges and save tons of money in terms of college fees.

So spending a little bit more on the tutoring will actually be an investment if you are confident in improving your score. Search for schools which offer scholarships to students with high ACT score and decide the tutoring based on the score required here.


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