How to Prepare for An AP Exam

how to prepare for an ap exam

While preparing for the AP exam, you must set a target of getting a score of 3, 4 or 5 which will let you earn college credit whilst being in High School. You will find a variety of AP review courses which will help you prepare for the AP exams.

Centers to Take Your AP Test in Chicago

Placements play a vital role in enrollment onto the right courses and choosing the right placement is equally as important since you don’t get to change them on your own once you’ve been placed somewhere. This is where AP tests become significant. Based on the score that you get in your AP tests determines where you get placed on a course.

Some people have tuition and tutoring classes to get good scores in their AP tests. There are online question papers and quizzes that are open for everyone to practice their AP tests. Other preparation methods are also available for the same that could aid you through the test.

Registrations for these were open till the middle of February. You could apply for registration till March 1st, with an additional payment of $10.These tests are usually conducted during the month of May. They are conducted in two batches; one in the morning at 8 a.m. as well as at 12 p.m. in the afternoon.

It occurs throughout two weeks; the first week starts from May 6th till May 10th and the second week starts from May 13th till May 17th. ** The results will be out in the online portals by the month of July. The Exam Policies and timetable is also given online.

**Test registration dates vary from year to year. Please check the official AP website ( or ask your teachers for specific dates of registration and test dates for your specific AP class.

There are many centers available for taking AP tests in Chicago. One of them is at Lincoln Park High School. The Loyola University, as well as Illinois Board of Higher Education, also provide AP programs at their centers.

Before there were only fifteen high schools in Chicago that provided AP programs, however, five more high schools have been added very recently, boosting the rigorous AP programs in Chicago. Lake View High School in Lake View, Kelly in Brighton Park, Mather High School in Rogers Park, Back of the yards College Prep High School in Back of the Yards and Hubbard High School in West Lawn are some of the newest of the high schools that have been allotted for AP programs. Charter School CICS Chicago Quest near Old Town has also started offering AP programs recently.

However, please keep in mind that for Computer Science Principles, Research, Studio Art or Seminar courses, most of the work is to be submitted online. The AP Studio Art teachers, coordinators, as well as the students, make use of the AP Studio Art Digital Submission to submit portfolios to the AP program.

These students will have to submit their portfolios through these Digital Submission portals. Hence, not all AP tests have to be given in the centers, some of them must be submitted online.