AP Test Tutoring Chicago

AP Test Tutoring
What is Advanced Placement Exam?

The Advanced Placement program was first started in the 1950s by Collegeboard, a non-profit organization that also manages SAT exams. The program enables high-schools looking to seek admission in colleges to university level courses while still in secondary school. By taking these exams, you provide a strong willing to colleges and universities you are ready to face all the rigorous and tough subjects even while you are in secondary school.

Why Take The Advanced Placement (AP) Tests?

Many colleges in the US do consider the student’s performance in the Advanced Placement Test during college admissions. If you score highly on the AP tests, then you have good chance of getting college scholarships. And students who score more than 4 out of 5 in the AP tests are provided with college credits, so that only fewer classes in college when compared to other students who don’t take AP tests. And with fewer classes, you can either graduate early, take on a campus job or even take on a double major. Many universities view the AP scores as a standard to grade your academic achievement.

How To Get On Top Of Advanced Placement (AP)?

Since the scores can help a great deal in getting your college admissions and scholarships, it is pretty much important for every student to undertake this course and score top marks. And if you enroll with our AP test tutor Chicago course, then we can guarantee you that you will certainly one of the few top scoring students and gain college admissions easily. Not only does the AP course helps with your college admissions, it also helps you prepare for the tougher courses ahead and makes it easy when you start your classes in college. But to get on top of the AP test, you need to start prepare early and with our customized curriculum and personalized attention we can help you prepare for the exam in a more confident manner.

AP Courses Offered

We offer the following courses:

– Calculus AB
– Physics 1
– Chemistry
– Environmental Science
– English Language & Composition
– US History

AP Course Highlights

Some of the highlights of our course include:

– Private 1-on-1 individualized attention
– Semi-private sessions
– Small group instruction
– Strategies explained from experts
– Periodic Mock tests
– Improves your reading comprehension to a great extent
– Enhance your grammar skills

Join Chicago Test Prep & Tutoring and heighten your confidence and skills to get yourself prepared for the AP test. Get in touch with us right now to know more about the course, timings and schedule etc.

AP Test Tutoring
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