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What Is The GRE And Why Is It Important?

The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is one of the most popular and also one of the largest assessment programs for graduate admissions by more than 1200 business and graduate schools across the world. The GRE test is undertaken by more than 1.5 million students across the world in more than 1100 test centers in 160 countries. Some of the prominent universities that accept GRE exams include Harvard, Georgetown, Columbia, and Northwestern.

The exam is conducted to ascertain the mathematical, analytical, and verbal skills of the students. And students aspiring to pursue an MS or MBA need to take this GRE test to apply to the popular graduate schools around the world. And to become eligible to write the GRE exam, the student ought to have completed their undergraduate courses. There is no limit for age or qualification to apply for the GRE exam.

What is a GRE Subject Test?

Apart from the general GRE exam, there are also separate subject tests that will enable the students to prove their ability in a specific subject. Students looking to getting admitted to specialized courses may consider taking these subject tests as higher marks in the tests will enable them to get a higher priority in selection. The GRE subject tests are conducted in various subjects including, Maths, English Literature, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Psychology, and Biochemistry. The GRE subject tests are conducted only thrice a year.

Why Choose Chicago Test Prep & Tutoring For Your GRE Preparation?

Every student aspiring to get into a graduate school comes with different sets of skills and abilities. And the major problem across many GRE prep classes in GRE Chicago is that most of these centers ignore the unique learning needs of each and every individual and come out with a uniform teaching methodology for all students. This kind of teaching is proven to be very ineffective because not all lessons are easy or all are tough. So it is important that the harder ones are given more time and effort than the easier sections. And this is where GRE Prep Chicago tutoring center is unique in every way as the curriculum it offers is specially custom-designed just for every student to help them attain big scores in the GRE exam.

Our team of certified GRE instructors are highly experienced and well trained to easily adapt based on your learning style. Each and every student at GRE Chicago is provided with personalized attention. And all our classes consist of only a smaller group of students to enable active participation and individual attention. Our course curriculum is specially designed by a team of leading experts in the industry and has been devised based on the actual exam questions and is being updated every year.

Course Highlights

Some of the highlights of our course include:

– Experienced and certified instructors
– Smaller Classes
– Curriculum designed by industry-leading experts
– Periodic Mock tests
– Personalized attention

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