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What Is The SAT And Why Is It Important?

SAT (Standardized Admission Test) is one of the two college admission tests and is run by the non-profit organization, College Board. Even though the SAT was one of the most popular tests conducted in the US, with the introduction of the ACT, the popularity of SAT started to wane a little bit but, still many states including Delaware, Michigan, New Hampshire only rely on SAT scores.

Similar to ACT, the SAT exam is also taken by students to prove their college readiness. And the SAT test tests the students in various skills including, computational ability, reading skills, clarity in expression, etc. If you are looking to join a college in the US, then you need to certainly take either the SAT or ACT to make yourself eligible to apply. Your SAT or ACT score is extremely important as most of the institutions base their admission criteria to as much as 50% based on the scores you get in these tests.

Why Choose Chicago Test Prep & Tutoring for Your SAT Preparation?

Chicago Test Prep & Tutoring provides students aiming for higher SAT scores with personalized and guided prep courses to help them succeed with top scores. All our courses are designed keeping in mind the SAT exam structures and helps you get prepared for the exam right from day one. The syllabus is entirely student-centric and individualized pacing to make sure each and every individual gets personal attention.

Our maximum class is reduced only to a small number of students so that our certified SAT prep Chicago instructors can concentrate on each and every individual. We recommend getting your kids ready at least 3 months before taking the tests so that the students get well equipped with all the knowledge and get mentally ready to face the exams.

How To Get On Top Of SAT?

The SAT course curriculum at Chicago Test Prep & tutoring was conceptualized and designed by leading industry experts and highly experienced educational professionals keeping in mind the requisites of the SAT test. And for many years running, SAT prep Chicago & tutoring is considered to be one of the premier institutions in Chicago offering best-in-class SAT prep classes. And we’ve succeeded in placing hundreds of students across major premier institutions in the US. Our SAT test preparation course curriculum is highly recognized and acknowledged by many industry-leading experts around the country.

Our SAT instructors play a huge role in shaping the students to mentally prepare and gather the required knowledge in facing the SAT exams in a confident manner. Whether it is the critical reading, Math, or Writing section, our course curriculum is designed with several mock tests and group discussions throughout the course schedule to get the students highly prepared to face the test. Sign up for our SAT prep Chicago course and help your son or daughter become confident and score top score in the SAT exam.

Some Of The Highlights Of Our Course Include:

– Private 1-on-1 personalized attention
– Highly qualified and certified instructors
– Improvise your individual skill areas
– Periodic Mock tests
– Full-length timed practice test

Join Chicago Test Prep & Tutoring and heighten your confidence and skills to get yourself prepared for the sat Chicago exam. Get in touch with us right now to know more about the course, timings, and schedule, etc.

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