What Are Strategies for ACT English?

what are strategies for act english

The ACT English section is another important stepping-stone towards taking admission to a great school. It is divided into two general categories which are usage and mechanics, and rhetorical skills. The ACT English section tests students on their grammar and rhetorical concepts. If you are aiming for a perfect score of 36, here are some strategies to help you score high in the ACT English.

Firstly, go through the official reading materials so that you are familiar with the types of questions. You can expect redundant questions on the ACT English test. The ACT typically includes two different types of redundant questions; two synonyms used to describe something, and implied phrases that do not add anything to a sentence.

The different questions are based on using the correct punctuation, choosing the correct form or word, logic-based questions and finding the main idea and interpreting a passage.

Always try to keep your English simple so that you can get your points across easily. In ACT English, you have the option of choosing the ‘no change’ decision if you can’t find anything wrong with the sentence. But make sure you have eliminated all other options. Ensure you are evaluating the grammar and vocabulary of the sentence.

To get a perfect 36 on the ACT, you need to practice every single day. This will help you get used to the format of the test, help you familiarize with the types of questions and instructions you can expect to see, and help you improve your time management. Make sure you take the practice tests seriously.

If you are answering a particular type of question for the first time, put a mark next to it, if you are not sure about. This way, when you go back to review your answers, you can easily search for the questions you could not answer.

Analyze the test results and try to find your weak spots. If your weakness lies in grammar, you should focus on strengthening it. Also, make sure that you finish the test on time which will help you build your confidence. Keep enough time for the questions you find difficult.

So, analyze and understand why you could not answer and understand a particular question. Make sure that you rectify your mistakes so that you can prevent a similar mistake from happening again.

Make sure you indulge in reading non-fiction on a regular basis so that you can improve on your reading and vocabulary skills. Also, brush up your grammar skills, whenever possible, so that you make it part of your life. Getting a 36 on the ACT English test is not an easy task.

It will require dedication, and rehearsal. With constant practice and with a goal in sight, you will definitely get a great score. You should learn to take the test efficiently and with confidence.