What Are The GMAT Exam Eligibility Requirements?

The Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) is a global level entry exam, which is planned by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) throughout the year.

The Graduate Management Admission Test is usually given by the MBA people who try to study abroad.

This exam analyzes the candidate in areas such as verbal skills, analytical writing, quantitative skills and other valuable skills. The prototype of the exam and diverse types of reasoning questions makes the exam more diverse and interesting.

GMAT exam eligibility depends on certain factors:


There is no age barrier to appear in the exam. The minimum age limit that GMAC decided upon is that candidates should be at least 18 years.. However, if the candidate’s age is in between 13 to 17 years then that person is allowed to sit the exam, but they have to have had a written approval or consent provided by their legal guardians or parents.

Language Requirement

The Admission Council designed the exam paper in English. So, you must know and understand the English language, which is compulsory. In order to sit the exam, one must have good command of English and have skills to answer the paper, which can be very difficult. The exam is extremely hard and complicated, so you have to have an excellent command over English language.


Where your nationality is concerned, there are no restrictions or difficulties. There is no particular country specification. You are able to take the paper from anywhere around the globe. Some candidates believe that there are some restrictions or rules when they take the exams but anyone can take the exams from anywhere in the world.

Number Of Attempts

You can appear for GMAT tests as often as you want. Candidates have to wait at least five years if they have previously obtained scores of GMAT exam is 800 perfect.
You can take the GMAT exam as many times as you want. However, if you can only take the test once every 16 days and no more than five times in 12 months.

Some Other Limits:

According to the Management Admission Council (GMAC), any person despite their age, gender, nationality, academic background etc. can enter the exam without any discrimination. This also includes disabled candidates who can get special exam access upon request. In order to get this, the medical certificates should be provided for the candidate’s disability and should be entered confidentially, with a private statement by the GMAC.

– GMAT can be taken up to five times over a period of twelve months and in between each test there is to be at least 16 days.
– GMAC has also launched the simple selection type order where a person will modify their GMAT experience by selecting the section order where they are most relaxed taking the exam.

This exam is very useful for those who want to do their higher studies from abroad.