What Are The GRE Eligibility Requirements?

The Graduate Record Examination or GRE General Test is administered by educational testing services commonly known as ETS in the USA. GRE test is a must-have requirement for the students seeking graduate admission, especially in the USA or any other reputed colleges in the world. Every year, many students appeared for the GRE general test in more than 1000 test centres in 160 countries.

Many graduate programs of master’s and doctoral degrees in famous colleges in the USA, Australia and Europe accept GRE scores for admission. Many business schools around the world, including top MBA colleges and a few renowned law colleges, accept GRE general tests for admission. The GRE is conducted in computer and paper-based modes. A candidate must pay the $205 for entering the GRE exam.

The GRE is structured to assess the verbal reasoning and quantitative skills of a student. A student can score a maximum of 170 in each section, the total scores can be 340. An additional analytical essay writing is also available, which gives additional marks. A person can appear for GRE subject tests as well, along with the general test.

The score of the subject test helps to enhance the appeal of the candidate to the college. The subject test should be given in the field of the subject in which a candidate completed or wishes to pursue as their bachelor’s degree.

As GRE is a test for master’s or doctoral programs in the USA, the only criteria to appear in GRE is to have a bachelor’s degree. A candidate pursuing a bachelor’s degree is also eligible for the GRE. The GRE score is valid up to 5 years from the date of the exam. However, it is suggested by the experts to show recent scores of GRE to the colleges. Students may appear in the GRE irrespective of age and qualifications.

A few criteria must be remembered before taking the GRE. Not all colleges or programs require the GRE test for admission. Students must sit for the GRE if the respective college where he or she is seeking admission needs GRE scores.

A student must have a bachelor’s degree before starting the MS program in the US. A student must also have a valid passport to show in the GRE test center.

Although there is no such eligibility criteria to sit for the GRE, the admission of students in a college depends on the eligibility criteria or accepted GRE score for that college. A minimum GRE score is required for admission depending on the requirement of the college. The Ivy League colleges in the USA such as Princeton University, Columbia University, etc. accept scores above 320, at least.

A candidate can take the GRE 5 times in a year, with a gap of 21 days. Students must select the universities and their eligibility criteria before taking the test.