What Is The Best ACT Prep Course In Chicago?

ACT Prep Course

While applying to colleges and the elite universities one of the most important tasks for college students is the ACT test. One has to consider if there is any additional preparation needed for the standardized tests. While the student can prepare on their own, the test prep courses will help in enhancing the student’s test skills and help in improving the techniques also. The various methods involved in approaching the test questions will be taught through these courses. To help with selecting a prep course for ACT, we bring you this list of top choices in ACT prep courses in Chicago.

– Connections Learning Center: This center, which is located in the Morgan Park area of Chicago has both ACT as well as SAT programs. They are however limited to only five students for the ACT prep course. It is better to register in advance for this course. There are also other test prep courses available with this center like the GRE, GED etc. In addition to that the students who suffer from anxiety, learning disabilities and dyslexia are given special attention here.

– College of DuPage: The ACT test prep courses can be availed through the college here. There are the traditional in-person courses offered here, along with the online prep course. The student can choose the one which is suitable for them according to the schedule. In the prep course, the test strategies are also discussed here. There are also test prep classes for other exams like the GMAT, GRE, LSAT etc.

– Whatever It Takes: For all the high school students in the Chicago area this can be a good choice when it comes to the ACT prep course. There are free test preparation courses available with this course. It is presented by the University of Chicago. The test prep course will be spanned over a ten week period. While the undergraduates of the University of Chicago take this course officially, it is also open to the high school students in the same location. The students who decide to take this course should buy a textbook beforehand.

– College of Lake County: When it comes to the ACT courses, learning the strategies for the course is vital as it will make a huge difference in the test results. With the College of Lake County, the high school students who are among the 10 to 12 grades can take the prep course. The ACT prep course is offered in the area of Grayslake and in Southlake in the college campuses. The courses will usually start on Saturday morning. It is better to register for this course in advance. There are a number of courses among which the students can choose a suitable course for them.

– Span Test Prep: Students who look for individual needs in the ACT test prep can go with the Span Test Prep. The tutors will be the veteran high school teachers. The course usually happens in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. There are both group sessions and individual session available for the students here.


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