What Should I Look For In An ACT Prep Course?

ACT Prep

While taking the ACT test can be a tedious task, choosing a test center for it is also a crucial task. It is important to choose the right center in order to get the proper training and get better test scores. To help you with it, these points are drafted which should be kept in mind while choosing an institute.

1. First, decide what the student needs: The student should first take a test which will help in analyzing the student’s capacity and how much training will be essential. To know the strengths and weakness of the student will be helpful in deciding what kind of test prep is to be provided. Also, the different sections in the exam will be scored with which the student can evaluate as to which areas he or she should concentrate on. This is because if the student manages to get a good score then only the weak areas should be concentrated and accordingly the tutoring can be decided.

2. Consider the budget: You should first decide how much you are ready to spend on the test prep course as there are courses for even $2000. There are online practice materials which come for free too. So by being aware of the student’s skill set, you can decide on the budget for the test prep course.

3. The learning style of the student: Some students are comfortable with the individual sessions. The one to one sessions will be able to provide individual attention to the student and concentrate on the needs of the particular student. But for some students, this might be too much to take. For them, the group sessions will be helpful as they will be able to blend in with the remaining students. So knowing this will help you in evaluating a prep course, as certain centers provide group sessions and there are others which provide both.

4. Consider online and live to tutor: If the students are looking for a course where they can learn it on their own time schedule then the online courses will be a good option. This will be helpful for students who are already taxed with their regular schedule. There are students who can learn only from the live tutoring sessions. For them, the one to one sessions will be the right choice.

5. Hidden costs: While you might have narrowed down on one test center never hesitate to ask if there are any kinds of hidden costs in the program. This is because there are some test prep courses which will require the students to buy the textbooks. Options like if the student will be allowed to take the course in case the promised score is not attained should be discussed earlier.

6. One or Multi-week sessions: There are courses which will allow the student to take the course over a period of time. This will happen when the course is spanned out for a few sessions every week. There are also courses which will allow the student to complete the program in an entire stretch. Consider which is suitable for the student.


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