Which Are The Best GRE Prep Books?

The Graduate Record Examination, commonly known as the GRE General Test is taken by many candidates every year seeking graduate admissions. The GRE is the one of the world’s most famous assessment programs for graduate admissions, which is accepted by thousands of graduate programs of master’s and doctoral degrees across the globe.

Numerous business schools, including a few top MBA colleges in the world, and a few law schools, also accept GRE scores for admission. The GRE is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) of the USA. The GRE general test is structured to assess analytical writing ability, verbal reasoning skills and quantitative aptitude skills.

The maximum score for the GRE general test is 340 excluding the analytical writing score. Though many students appear for the GRE every year, a handful of people only can score the perfect score. A candidate requires proper guidance and preparation for the GRE to score high. Books are the best companions whilst preparing for the GRE general test. We can discuss a few good books which will definitely help to score high.

The critical book for the GRE, which a candidate must have whilst preparing, is the ETS: GRE the Official Guide to the Revised General Test. This book is highly recommended as the test takers structured this book full of practical questions from the original test.

The book contains many authentic test questions, detailed analysis of the verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. It also offers strategies and tricks to answer the questions in the real test. Additionally, for analytical writing, the book provides originally scored writing samples, with comments. The book contains full-length GRE practice tests for preparation.

Another highly recommended book for a candidate is the Manhattan Prep GRE Strategy Guides. In-depth knowledge of vocabulary is a must-have to score high in the GRE verbal reasoning section. This book offers more than 1400 words to memorize and enrich vocabulary knowledge.

The book is structured with more than 2000 questions, explanations and concepts of verbal and quantitative sections.

The books, which were used for preparation are Barron’s GRE and Kaplan’s GRE Premier. Both the books are modified in current editions to maintain the pace with the modern structure of the test. These books contain test-taking instructions, strategies, examples of the real test, detailed discussion about the concepts and much more.

Baron’s GRE includes a diagnostic test and two full-length tests and Baron’s GRE is an excellent source to improve vocabulary. Kaplan’s GRE book offers video explanations of questions and 12 online tests. However, these books must be followed when a candidate has ample time for preparation.

The Princeton Review is another book which contains many tests, examples and strategies for tests. Magoosh is an excellent source of words to help enrich vocabulary.

A candidate must choose the book wisely in relation to specific requirements. For a limited preparation time, a candidate must follow the books which contain an exact reflection of the questions from the tests. If a student is starting preparation some months before the tests, they may follow the books with detailed methods.