Can You Retake an AP Exam?

can you retake an ap exam

Most of the AP tests or Advanced Placement tests are quite challenging and its scores don’t always come out the way you expect them to be. If you are worried that you will miss any chance of getting into a good college because of your low AP score and therefore want to know if you can retake an AP exam, then the answer is Yes! You can retake the exam in the next session. However, it’s advisable that you consider the retaking of the exam carefully before committing.

There are various students who take this exam in the hope of getting a good score which will help them get college credit. If a student is not satisfied with their score, they may take the same exam again, as many times as you want.

There are various facts, which you need to know, before taking the decision of retaking AP exams:

  • Every time you take an exam, your score report will be sent to the list of colleges and universities which you selected during registration and it will include the score of every AP exam completed. If you take the exam again, schools will get the first score and the subsequent test score after a period.
  • AP exams are scheduled in May, every year, and each of the exams can be taken only once and therefore, in the event a student wishes to retake an exam, they need to wait until the following year.
  • You will have to pay the registration fee every time:
  • You take an exam.
  • Cancel and hold back an AP Exam Score

The College Board that conducts the AP program gives students the option of holding back their score or canceling it completely.

To hold back an AP Score, you must do the following:

*Write and submit a signed request to AP services.

*Pay $10 for each school from which you want to hold back your score.

*Must meet the holding back deadline which typically comes in Mid-June every year.

To cancel an AP score you must do the following:

*Fax or mail a cancellation form to AP services with your signature.

*To cancel the score, you need to send a request before the mid-June deadline so that score is not released.

*This service is free of cost.

Important facts which you need to know before taking the decision of holding back or canceling reporting of an AP exam score:

  • If you have decided to withhold the score for some time and wish to send it later after some time, you have the option of submitting an AP service form allowing the College Board to send the score.
  • Cost of sending the report to allow the College Board to send the report, after removing the hold, is $15, with standard delivery and for rush delivery is $25.
  • Cancellation of score can’t be reversed as its permanent.
  • When canceling a score, the student and/or academic institutions will never have access to any official score.