Supplemental Accelerated Math Program (SAMP)

At A Glance

samp1The Academic Achievement Gap: This program was founded to search for the most vulnerable students, regardless of race, class, gender, or national origin. Based on the research, the most vulnerable student populations are predominately Black and Hispanic. In Chicago, only 18 % of Black 8th-grade students and 27 % of Hispanic 8th-grade students scored at or above a proficient level in math, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (nicknamed “The Nation’s Report Card”). By extension, according to other indicators (ACT/SAT scores, standardized test scores, high school graduation rates, college success rates, etc.), Black and Latino students perform at lower levels than the required state standards. Despite this achievement gap, SAMP’s goal is to provide all groups of children from every race, class, and location the needed resources to maximize their full academic potential.

Math and Science Proficiency of Students in CPS

  • 31% of 4th grade students in Chicago performed at or above the NAEP Proficient level in 2019. (The Nation’s Report Card)
  • 27% of 8th-grade students in Chicago performed at or above the NAEP Proficient in 2019. (The Nation’s Report Card)
  • 41% of 5th-grade students, 40% percent of 8th-grade students, and 12% of high school students were proficient on the Illinois Science Assessment in 2019. (Illinois Report Card)
  • 26% of 11th graders have SAT scores that meet or exceed proficiency standards for all sections in 2019. (Illinois Report Card).
  • 24.2% of 8th-grade students are passing algebra I in 2020 (Illinois Report Card).

These indicators show that the majority of CPS students (60 to 80 percent in most cases) do not meet the satisfactory proficiency levels for math or science!

Why Does This Matter: Receiving a quality education in elementary school and middle school greatly increases a student’s ability to matriculate into and graduate high school, pursue higher education, obtain gainful employment, insure his or her financial future, and plan for the success of future generations. Directly and subtly, education is the key to improving the quality of life for everyone.

How To Address The Unmet Need: Supplemental academic assistance in the earlier stages of academic development, especially in math, is a necessity for less-advantaged students to prevent them from falling behind in later grades. An effective supplemental, accelerated math tutoring program must have the following:

1. A solid long-term commitment to remediation and development (funding base, administrative backing, and an appropriate physical environment)
2. Careful sequencing of courses
3. Accurate placement of students based on the proficiency level
4. Efficient use of student tutors and teachers assistants (TAs)
5. Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI): Online management, bookkeeping, homework and exam assessments, and progress monitoring

Overview of Program

Program Synopsis: SAMP (Supplemental Accelerated Math Program) is a tutoring program that strengthens the foundational quantitative skills to proficient levels to perform better in class, improve standardized test scores, and eventually matriculate into high-performing high schools.

Mission Statement: The program’s focus is to maximize students’ academic potential and success in middle school through academic rigor, conceptual learning, and real-world applications.

Unique Features of Program
a. Alignment with Common Core: Students will still be taught math skills in line with required state standards. Courses are completely comprehensive.
b. Chronological order of courses: Each course builds on top of the next, which leads to clearly defined entry courses in higher-level mathematics.
c. Trained tutor assistants (TAs): TAs are trained to teach the curriculum and assist students with course content, study skills, and analyzing students for strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.
d. Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI): The class has an online assessment system that contains homework, video lessons, and extra practice.
e. Self Study Opportunities: Students can use the class materials as a self-study resource. The online components provide an online interactive, self-grading assessment that can automatically create new versions of problems to provide unlimited practice with instant feedback.
f. Cost-Effective For Families: Classroom materials (textbooks and online course management system) are free of charge for both students and parents. Low-cost, physical copies of books can still be bought as an option.

Expected Outcomes
a. Academic rigor: Students will be challenged to think, perform, and grow to higher academic levels.
b. Improved standardized test scores: With a focus on understanding the content and developing problem-solving strategies, SAMP will increase the standardized test scores of all students who participate.
c. High school matriculation and advancement: Improved standardized test scores and heightened academic rigor will enable students to enroll and perform at the top high schools in the city and eventually transition into higher education.

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