How Long Does It Take For GRE Scores To Be Delivered To Schools?

During your registration for the GRE test, you can enter up to four graduate institutions or fellowship sponsors where the score will be sent.

GRE’s Score select options also help you decide which test scores will be sent to the institutions you designate, so that you can submit your personal best score. Additional institutions can be added after test day by ordering Additional Score Reports (ASRs) for $27 per recipient. The test scores are reportable for five years following the test date.

In the case of computer-delivered GRE, you have to designate your free score recipients at the test center itself. If an institution is not listed, you can ask the test center administrator for the appropriate form to indicate the unlisted institutions. A candidate has the option to select the most recent, or all results, to up to four institutions. One can choose not to send any scores at that time as well.

As for the paper-delivered GRE, you will have to designate your free score recipients during registration. If a score recipient is not listed, you can contact ETS before the test date. You have the option to select the most recent or all scores. Again, you may choose not to send any scores at that time.

The GRE test scores are sent to recipients approximately five weeks after the test. The candidate will receive a confirmation email to notify that the score reports have been posted. Any point of time, you can access your scores in your ETS account.

What are Additional Score Reports (ASRs)?

A candidate can order Additional Score Reports (ASRs) via online, by mail and by fax for a fee of US$27 per recipient. But once a request is submitted, it cannot be cancelled, changed or refunded in any way. Score reports are sent to the designated institutions approximately 5-10 business days after the request is received.