What Are Strategies for the ACT Math?

what are strategies for the act math

If you are struggling with ACT math scores and your practice test scores are lying between 14-24, this article will help you break out of this score range and get a 26+ score on the real test. An ACT math score in the 26 range will boost your chances of getting into your selected top colleges as it directly puts you well above the national average. In other words, it is roughly equivalent to a 1200 score out of 1600 on the SATs’ test.

Firstly, never sit for practice and real tests, without knowing the types of questions and concepts required, as well as time limits. The math test has 60 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. The questions are from algebra, fractions, statistics, probability, percentages, etc. and will come in a mixed manner. The ACT tests your basic knowledge of math a lot, so make sure you are thorough with all concepts.

So, before you start taking practice tests, read good study materials and gather formulas and methods as fast as possible. Try practicing from question banks so that when you take the practice tests, you quickly understand from which topic a particular question is from.

Next, you should practice a lot of free and paid practice sets. If you spend more than a minute on a difficult question, you should go back to the topic and revise again. You should stick with your time frame and practice in such a way that you can shorten the time needed to answer a question. This will help you save time for solving a tough question. But, make sure you practice and prepare enough so that you don’t make mistakes in the easy math questions.

The answer choices in the test, can be used as an advantage at times, in areas like Algebra. You can simply plug in the answer choices for the variable instead of solving the entire equations. Since you will be having 1 minute per question, you should plan your approach well in advance so that you do not panic during the real test.

During the actual exam, you will not get a formula sheet so memorizing important formulas is an absolute must for all test-takers. You can search online for free formula sheets and you should keep them with you at all times.

Another inside trick is that just because the questions appear in order of difficulty, does not mean you need to attempt them in ACT’s order. You should make a road map for the test so that you finish off easy questions faster and keep time for harder questions.

During the practice tests, you can categorize questions in attempt now, later, or never, so that in the real test, you are able to identify which questions to attempt first. Sometimes, students get emotionally attached to a question just because they did something similar during practice. But sometimes it is better to just skip a problem, if it has confused you badly.