What Are The Top 10 Popular AP Courses?

what are the top 10 popular ap courses

At present, there exists a huge list in the section of popular Advanced Placement courses. People get confused about the course to take and the course to avoid. It is a must that you should find an interesting topic which is an ideal choice for you. Each course is bound to its own difficulty level, but it is a must that you choose a suitable option. In total, there exist 38 options within the list.

How to become competent for AP courses

If you’re looking to explore learning in your current high school, then with the AP classes, you can get to learn the subjects which are not present in your high school curriculum. These subjects could include economics, psychology, and so on. Are you looking to take an AP test?

In such a case, it would be great if you start your preparations beforehand to reach the best results. The science majors, for example, that go with the science AP tests include physics, biology, and chemistry.

It is advisable to choose the AP class in accordance with your knowledge in that subject or course. Don’t hurry in picking the test or subject. If you’re studying that course in your high school, then it would be excellent that you pick that section.

If you’re willing to go ahead with literature and calculus subjects, then it is a better idea to start learning these courses from your high school program.

Among the list of several categories of the AP courses, some most popular include:

  1. English Language

Generally, this course is also taken in the high school curriculum. Students are also given the advice to choose this subject and develop a keen interest in it by writing different analytical or persuasive essays. On the other hand, students also look forward to studying English composition.

  1. United States History

This AP course is specifically designed for students to provide a similar content level like the survey classes. Basically, it focuses on American history, and the American people and so on.

  1. English Literature

It is linked with the most commonly read literary works of different genres including drama, fiction and poetry. In this, students must have a good command of standard English, including classical and contemporary literature.

  1. Government and Politics (United States)

This college-level course is often given by the high school students through the college board. It involves learning about the American government’s functions and structure of the American political system. A major focus is given to certain topics such as public policy, civil rights, political beliefs, political parties, and so on.

  1. Psychology

It is suitable for students who have a keen interest in the human mind. It deals with several topics including research methods, learning, cognition, personality, abnormal psychology, sensation, perception, and so on.

  1. Calculus AB

This course is designed among three dimensions which are integrals, limits, and derivatives. Apart from the Calculus AB topics, there exist certain other additional parts for parametric equations, Taylor series, polar functions, improper integrals, integration, and so on.

  1. World History

This examination is specially designed to enhance the skills of students to have a deep understanding of the global evolution process and the interactions happening within human society. There is a presence of prehistorical and historical topics within the course.

  1. Biology

The students with a science background would love to take this course. The main topics are botany, physiology, zoology, genetics, and microbiology. Other related topics such as cell biology, population biology, microbiology, evolution, and so on are also covered.

  1. Statistics

This AP course is covered within one semester and focuses on non-calculus statistics. A great emphasis is laid on the conceptual understanding and not the arithmetic calculations.

  1. Human Geography

This exam helps students to have an introduction about the processes and patterns which result in developing human shapes. A major emphasis is given to several topics such as geography, migration, population, cultural processes, industrialization, and so on.