How Do You Get A Perfect Score On The SAT?

how do you get a perfect score on the sat

The scholastic assessment test, SAT conducted by College Board USA, is a must-have entrance for students seeking admissions in undergraduate education in the United States of America. This test is structured in two broad sections, precisely four parts such as reading, writing, and language, calculator allowed mathematics calculation and without calculator mathematics.

A perfect SAT score is the maximum score that you can obtain. A person can score in the range of 200-800 in reading and the verbal section and similar 200-800 score in the mathematics section. Therefore, the score range of a candidate ranges between 400-1600.

The highest 1600 score is commonly known as the perfect score. The chance of admission in to Ivy League colleges in the USA increases numerous times when a student scores the perfect score of the SAT. But only a small percentage of candidates are able to achieve this.

Though it is difficult to achieve a perfect score in SATs, proper strategies and preparation will ensure success. To score 1600 in SATs, a person cannot miss any question out in the test or only one question in the reading section.

Observing the scoring guidelines of College Board’s official practice tests, it can be said a candidate can score 1600 either by getting every question right or only missing one in the reading section, along with all correct answers for the rest of the questions. A perfect strategy is required to score all questions right.

The first step during the preparation of a perfect SATs’ score is the mindset of crossing the hurdles. A student must identify their weaknesses of test-taking during the practice tests provided by the College Board or any other reputed study materials.

Analyzing these mistakes thoroughly will give an idea of the concepts as well. Though the test provides ample time, a student must avoid getting stuck or spending a lot of time on a single question. Misreading questions and going at a very fast pace also increase the chance of mistakes.

A consistent preparation schedule is a must to score a perfect SAT score. The first basic step is to understand academic concepts. The next step is to find the key tricks that will help during the exams to answer the questions correctly, in the given time.

There are several books with proper guidance that can help a candidate to score high marks. The official SATs’ study guide, Kallis’ SAT Pattern Strategy, McGraw-Hill Education, Barron’s SAT, etc. are the books with a practice test, practical examples of SAT questions and explanation of those answers.

SAT Prep Black Book is highly recommended for top scoring aspirants as it contains the structure, format, and tricks of the SATs and practical strategies to score 1600. There are a few good books which are specifically written for each individual section. Magoosh and Princeton Review books are also very helpful with the preparation.

The final step is not to give up. A candidate may not achieve the perfect score of the SATs in the first attempt. The candidate must analyze the mistakes and loopholes in their low scoring SATs and be fully prepared for the upcoming exam to achieve a perfect score.