How Do You Prepare For The SAT?

how do you prepare for the sat

The SAT entrance exam is used by most colleges and universities for admission purposes. It helps in gauging a high school student’s preparation for college. It helps colleges to compare all applicants using a single platform.

Apart from SAT scores, high school GPA, the subjects’ list of high school, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, admissions’ interviews, and personal essays also play a major role in the admission process. The weight of SAT scores varies from school to school. So, if you are not sure how to prepare for the Sat exam, this article focuses on some key areas which can help you stand out from the rest.

Firstly, register yourself on the SAT official website. Once the date is set, you can prepare a study plan accordingly, with enough time to prepare. Picking up a date at least three months in advance is highly advisable. Get the best study materials and links to practice exam sets so that you can start right after registering.

Secondly, get thoroughly acquainted with the overall structure of the test. The SAT exam is out of 1600 points distributed evenly in Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing tests. The SAT exam also has multiple choice questions with four answer choices. The essay section is optional, and it is separately scored out of eight points in three aspects thus having a total of 24 points.

Thirdly, the different sections of the SAT exam, tests your knowledge and skills in different ways. With practice, you will understand that there is a particular style of the questions. Each section will have a distinct set of question types and formats, so it is important to prepare accordingly, well in advance.

Fourthly, while preparing, focus on your weak areas. The best way to do this is by taking a timed practice test. A lot of free and paid tests are available for students to practice on. Make sure you are in a quiet testing environment and use an approved calculator.

If you are taking the essay test, you should also write a practice essay almost every day or at least during practice tests. Evaluate yourself with the provided scoring guidelines and focus more on topics where you didn’t do well. If you feel you are not improving and need additional help, seek out a tutor specifically for those topics.

Next, set a scored goal over your baseline and prepare accordingly to accomplish that in a fixed time period. For instance, you can set a 100-150-point improvement from your baseline every month. Your score goal will also help you pass the SAT score criteria of your dream school. Plan a schedule that helps keep you moving and making consistent progress.

Lastly, start reviewing the content so that you focus on things you don’t know yet. This way you cover all aspects of the test and don’t neglect anything. You can make strategies to spend time accordingly on your favorite section so that you score more. But also practice in such a way that you score similar or more like your practice exams.